Enter our Summer Raffle for your chance to win a fantastic cash prize!

Taking part in the MND Association Summer Raffle could help provide essential support to people living with and affected by motor neurone disease (MND), as well as funding all-important research into MND.

Plus, you could be the winner of £5,000!

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Close Date: 18 July
Draw Date: 30 July


What prizes can I win?

1st prize:        2nd prize:        3rd prize:        20 x runner-up prizes:

£5,000            £1,000              £500                £25


How playing the raffle helps:

10 tickets could provide an information pack for a newly diagnosed person with MND.

25 tickets could help fund a support grant to give a family affected by MND the opportunity to create special memories together.

50 tickets could fund an MND Connect helpline advisor for two hours, providing information and support to anyone affected by MND.

75 tickets could help provide a child affected by MND with a professional counselling session.

The Results

Christmas Raffle 2023

Congratulations to the following winners, who were drawn on 3 January 2024:

Super seller prize, £500


1st prize, £5,000

Ticket 0080193 - Ditte, BRADFORD-ON-AVON

2nd prize, £1,000

Ticket 0492270 - Wisby, SHEFFORD

3rd prize, £500

Ticket 0340591 - Bostock, EDINBURGH

10 runner-up prizes, £20

Ticket 247002231 - Littlejohn, ELLON
Ticket 247404546 - Davis, CANTERBURY
Ticket 247583979 - Cornthwaite, PRESTON
Ticket 247186065 - Bowler, CHELTENHAM
Ticket 0253913 - Gifford, DERBY
Ticket 0157865 - Pilling, MANCHESTER
Ticket 247074252 - Cawte, HEREFORD
Ticket 0392335 - Keevans, BRIDGWATER
Ticket 0522276 - King, BIGGLESWADE
Ticket 0242820 - Priestley, HEXHAM

Summer Raffle 2023

Congratulations to the following winners, who were drawn on 14 July 2023:

Super seller prize, £500

1st prize, £5,000
Ticket 242678046 - Hawkins, ADDLESTONE

2nd prize, £1,000
Ticket 406316 - McCormack, OLDHAM

3rd prize, £500
Ticket 503937 - Moore, ATTLEBOROUGH

10 runner-up prizes, £20

Ticket 243568130 - Loder, CARDIFF
Ticket 242683722 - Franzen, NORWICH
Ticket 242683720 - Egerton, STALYBRIDGE
Ticket 242672676 - Davies, CARDIFF
Ticket 330405 - Gibbons, ST HELENS
Ticket 244476442 - Follon, EDINBURGH
Ticket 205715 - Farmer, ORMSKIRK
Ticket 1648 - Jones, NORTHWICH
Ticket 414909 - Latter, TUNBRIDGE WELLS
Ticket 381611 - Brookes, NUNEATON


Winner's Quotes

"When my husband was diagnosed with MND it was devastating news, but we received so much support from our local branch. They helped us obtain equipment and were always ready to visit when things were difficult. I don’t know what we would have done without them. I will share the win with my family and continue to support the MND Association as I so appreciate all that was done for me, and hope a cure will soon be available to treat this cruel disease."


“I support the MND Association because the wife of one of my business partners was diagnosed with MND. Watching how their lives changed in such a short space of time was what made me want to support the MND Association.”


"What a surprise! I usually buy raffle tickets but never expect to win. It's just another way to support your tireless efforts to find a cure for this insidious disease. My father passed away just 6 months after his diagnosis. His was an aggressive form and very quickly all his dignity, ability to speak and movement were gone. I support the MND Association in loving memory of my father and it's encouraging to read what strides the scientists are taking in their efforts to find a cure."


“The prize itself is not important and will doubtless be used to buy tickets in future lottery events. The most important aspect is to help fund further research so a cure may be found for this life changing condition.”


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