Support for professionals


If you are a health and social care professional, we can support you to provide the best possible care for people living with MND, their carers and families.

MND Connect

Our helpline offers information and support on all aspects of MND, and signposting to other services and organisations. The service is free for people living with MND, carers, family members, health and social care professionals and Association staff and volunteers who directly support people with MND.

Information resources

We produce high quality information resources for health and social care professionals who work with people with MND.

We also have a wide range of resources for people living with and affected by MND.

MND support grants and equipment loan

Where statutory funding has been explored and isn’t available, we provide support grants and an equipment loan service for people with MND.

Regional care development advisers

We have a network of regional care development advisers (RCDAs) covering England, Wales and Northern Ireland. RCDAs have specialist knowledge on the care and management of MND.

They work closely with local statutory services and community care providers to ensure effective support for people affected by MND. RCDAs train health and social care professionals in MND, and are champions at influencing care services in their respective areas.

Association visitors

Association visitors provide one-to-one local support to people affected by MND. They are there to befriend people, through visits to the home, telephone and email contact, and to provide a link with care centres and other health and social care professionals.

You may be in contact with Association visitors following up on queries from the families that they support. If you think one of your clients would benefit from an Association visitor, please contact your local Regional Care Development Adviser.

Branches and groups

We have volunteer-led branches and groups nationwide providing local support and practical help to people with MND.

Care centres and networks

The MND Association supports a number of MND care centres and networks across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, offering specialist clinical expertise from diagnosis. They are not physical buildings, but teams of professionals who are specialists in MND.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIG) have a primary focus of education in its broadest sense.

MND Association membership

Support the MND Association by becoming a member.

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262