Our care animations provide short overviews to help explain each disease or a type of support. They can be easily shared with other people to help understanding or awareness. For example, if someone needs an explanation about NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC), our animation may be a good place to start.

This first animation, What is MND? provides basic facts about motor neurone disease (MND).

What is Kennedy's disease animation

What is Kennedy's disease?
This animation explores basic facts about Kennedy's disease, which shares some symptoms with MND. The similarity of these symptoms can lead to confusion at diagnosis.


Animation called What is NHS Continuing Healthcare


What is NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC)?
This animation gives an overview of NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) and the assessment process. This type of care can help if you have complex medical and social care needs.


What is social care animation



What is social care?
This animation explores what adult social care is, how it can help and how both you and your unpaid carer can get assessments for support.


What is voice and message banking animation


What is voice and message banking?
This animation about voice and message banking explores how to bank a recording of your own voice. You may wish to use your stored voice if you develop speech difficulties with MND or Kennedy's disease.  



Our animations are based on other detailed publications. If you would like to read more, see the following resources:

An introduction to motor neurone disease (MND)
Living with motor neurone disease (MND)
2B – Kennedy’s disease 
7D – Voice banking and message banking
10B – What is social care?

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