Tribute Funds are an online memorial page where you can celebrate someone special, while raising money to fund MND research and support for the MND community.

You can personalise your Tribute Fund with stories and photos of your loved one and set up fundraising events. Friends and family can leave messages of support and dedicate donations to their memory.

Learn more by downloading our Tribute Fund Guide.

How it works

Step by step guide to how Tribute Funds work. Step one share your loved ones name with us. Step two activate your Tribute Fund. Step three personalise your tribute and share your page. Step four view your fundraising in one place. Step give receive updates on your Tribute Fund.

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What is a Tribute Fund?

A Tribute Fund is a special way to remember someone you love and create hope for a future free from MND.  

Our Tribute Fund pages are hosted by our trusted memorial partner, MuchLoved, where you can invite your family and friends to come together to add messages, photographs, and light candles, as well as raise money for vital MND research and care in their memory.  

Over time, your page can grow, becoming a reflection of how much they meant to you and others who knew them.  

How do I set up a Tribute Fund?

Setting up a Tribute Fund is easy and simple to do and only takes a few minutes. You can create your Tribute Fund by entering their first name and surname under ‘Create a new Tribute Fund’ on this webpage. 

You’ll then receive an email from our trusted partner, MuchLoved, with a link to activate your Tribute Fund. The link will take you to our online form, where we’ll ask for a few more details so that we can activate your Tribute Fund. 

Your Tribute Fund will be activated immediately. You can start to personalise your page by adding photos and messages, linking fundraising events, and inviting family and friends to contribute.  Watch our video on personalising your Tribute Fund here

Does it cost anything to set up a Tribute Fund?

No, Tribute Funds are free.  

There are fees associated with our trusted partner platform, MuchLoved. On each donation made to the page, MuchLoved will deduct a 3.2% platform fee that enables them to host, support, maintain, and develop all aspects of the MuchLoved platform, which provides these services on a not-for-profit basis. There is also a 1.9% +20p payment processing fee to cover the processing costs, including all the third-party payment provider charges.  

How can I tell people about my Tribute Fund?

There are lots of ways you can invite your family and friends to contribute to your Tribute Fund. Your page will have its own unique website address (URL), which is easy to share, or you can request a QR code.  

You can find social sharing options at the bottom of your Tribute Fund, where you have the option to invite people by Facebook, Twitter, or email.  

We also have postcards that are personalised with your loved one’s name and the URL of their Tribute Fund to give to family and friends. 

If you would like postcards or a QR code, please reach out to the Tribute Fund team on 01604 611849 or via [email protected]

Is my Tribute Fund private?

Your Tribute Fund will be set to public when you create your page, so that people can locate the page by searching for your loved one’s name in the ‘Search for a Tribute Fund’ search box. 

If you would like to set your Tribute Fund to private, you can do this under ‘Privacy & Sharing’ in your Tribute Settings.  

Can I add fundraising events to my Tribute Fund?

Yes. You, your family, and friends can set up event pages linked to your Tribute Fund page. All you need to do is click ‘Add your event’ on the events page, and you will be asked what type of event you would like to add.  

  1. Add a new event: To create an event page on your Tribute Fund, where supporters can donate directly to your Tribute Fund page for the event.  

  2. Link to a JustGiving page: Link to an existing JustGiving fundraising page. By linking to your Tribute Fund, all donations and their messages will automatically appear on the Tribute Fund page and in your fundraising total.  

  3. Link to an existing fundraising page: Add a URL to any other fundraising page, such as Facebook, where supporters will be redirected to make their donation. Linking this type of fundraising page will not automatically add the donations to the Tribute Fund page; they can be added as offline donations.   

Can I add offline donations to my Tribute Fund?

Yes. You can do this in your Tribute Settings under the Donations tab and clicking ‘My Donations’. 

How will I know the fundraising total in my Tribute Fund?

You will be able to view the fundraising total on the homepage of your Tribute Fund.  

We will also send you a quarterly update with the latest news from the Association and the total you have raised so far.  

You will notice that your email updates will have an offline and online donation breakdown. You can check the total against what appears on your Tribute Fund page and add any offline donations in your Tribute settings under the Donations tab and clicking ‘My Donations’.  

You can also follow our step-by-step video on adding offline donations here.

Some loved ones would like to support, but don’t want to donate online; how can they donate?

Donations can be made over the phone at 01604 611860 or by sending a cheque to: 

Motor Neurone Disease Association  

Francis Crick House 

6 Summerhouse Road 

Moulton Park 


NN3 6BJ 

They should share who their donation is in memory of, either by telling our team over the phone or including a cover letter if sending by post, so that it can be linked to your Tribute fund.  

Is there another way I can celebrate a loved one without opening a Tribute Fund?

If now isn’t the right time to open a Tribute Fund in memory of your loved one, there are other ways you can celebrate their life and everything they meant to you: 

  1. Make a single donation in memory of someone special.  

  1. Use our collection envelopes at a funeral, memorial, or celebration of life. 

  1. Leave a dedication on our Memory Wall to remember someone special.  

Other ways to celebrate a loved one

Prefer to speak to us?

If you need any support setting up or donating to a Tribute Fund, please contact our Tribute Fund Team who are here to help.

Email us: [email protected]

Call us: 01604 611849