Chris James – Director of External Affairs

Chris James - Director of External Affairs

Chris joined the MND Association in September 2013 and has worked in the voluntary sector for over 26 years.

He joined Diabetes UK (formerly the British Diabetic Association) in 1987 to help develop their support work for young people with diabetes and their families and headed the Youth and Families Department for two years.

Following this he led Diabetes UK’s Voluntary Groups Section working with the organisation’s 450 Local Branches and Groups in delivering local support services.

In 2000, Chris left Diabetes UK to join Samaritans as their first Director of Volunteer Resources. This role included the development of new ways of working in the recruitment, retention and development of volunteers. During his time with Samaritans a new standardised national training programme for volunteers was introduced. He took on the role of Director of Rett Syndrome UK in 2004 with a major role in raising funds, promoting research and leading the organisation’s support services.

Prior to joining the MND Association, Chris was the Chief Executive of the Haemophilia Society for six years. Working across all aspects of the Society’s work he played a major role in campaigning for improvements in care and treatment services and the campaign for recognition for people with bleeding disorders infected with HIV and Hepatitis C through their treatment with contaminated blood products.

As Director of External Affairs, Chris has responsibility for the Association’s Communications, Information Development, Policy, Campaigning and VIP management functions.

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