This year, Global MND Awareness Day is on Wednesday 21 June 2023. Join us and MND/ALS communities across the world to raise awareness of motor neurone disease.

Global MND Awareness Day is a day on which we can all get creative, share something thought-provoking, challenge ourselves, push boundaries and stand in solidarity with the MND Community.

A day on which we honour and celebrate our remarkable community; showcasing their personal stories of courage and resilience, and inspiring others to do the same by sharing or daring.

We're calling it MND Over Matter.

How can I get involved?

On 21 June, we want you to 'Share or Dare'.

Sharing a few words or a photo, writing a blog, live streaming or recording a video; whatever works for you. Or daring your friends, family colleagues, or anyone you know to challenge themselves, ask the difficult questions, start conversations, and shift perceptions about MND.

Whatever you do, share or dare - and however you do it - demonstrate that you believe in MND Over Matter and tag your content alongside our hashtag #MNDOverMatter – everyone that takes part will be doing their bit to reach beyond our community this Global MND Awareness Day, to give people hope and inspire others to take action in the fight against MND.

A few simple ideas to get you started...


Using any format, share your stories of courage and resilience in the face of MND, by finishing the sentence, I believe in MND over Matter…

  • I believe in MND over Matter, so I am going to confront my fears and tell my friends about how MND is affecting me.
  • I believe in MND over Matter, so I gave my granddaughter away in my wheelchair
  • I believe in MND over Matter, so last month I ran the Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon.


Global MND Awareness Day is an opportunity for us to spread the word about MND, fire up a conversation, and challenge perceptions. To show they believe in MND Over Matter, why not dare a friend, your family, or colleagues to:

  • Learn and share something about MND.
  • Ask a tough question about MND they may have been too scared to ask.
  • Do something that makes them think.
  • Challenge themselves to push a personal boundary.

Campaign Tools and Resources

Why not use one of our specially created graphics when you 'SHARE' or 'DARE' on social media?

Download the MND Over Matter toolkit

Raising awareness

Find out more information about motor neurone disease and how we raise awareness and the support we offer.