"We will achieve more for people with MND, their carers and families by working in partnership and collaboration with other organisations, and by being a credible and effective operator in the external environment."

We appreciate the power of the joint voice, of collaboration and of a shared cause. Our aim is to be an approachable, receptive and dynamic partner to all that we work with. We commend the support of our partners – click on each logo to find out more.

What they do

They add breadth to our work – by combining forces we increase our efforts to improve the lives of people affected by MND. The two CPD modules for GPs are a direct result of our work with the Royal College of General Practitioners.

They inspire great ideas - podcasts that meet the needs of their members, a high profile Annual MND lecture, tailored resources, the list goes on.

Some collaborative achievements have been groundbreaking – the Red Flags early diagnosis tool being proof positive – a key resource now picked up internationally.

Partners give us essential insights into the needs of professionals working with people affected by MND and bringing incredible energy to our joint efforts to meet those needs. A great example of this is the British Dietetic Association. Supporting us with many projects and speaking directly with key personnel as guests at training days and AGMs.

Partners bring opportunity – we get to be part of significant projects. A great example of this is our participation in Carers Week. For the past 2 years the Association has had positive media exposure and successful Parliamentary links with MPs, highlighting the needs of carers.

Many of our partners have a membership which may come across people affected by MND and therefore have an important part to play in providing great care. Through partners we can reach these new audiences and raise awareness of MND with them, get their feedback and provide support.

Partners provide expertise – the specialist technical knowledge at Northampton University made the creation of the highly successful Care Worker module possible.

Our partners are behind us, and lend their weight to our cause through the endorsement of our resources and projects.

Interested in becoming a partner?

Fantastic work has been carried out in partnership, and there is constantly something underway! We are always interested to meet potential new collaborators. Please contact Jennifer Bedford - our Head of Partnerships, to talk about your aims, ideas, and projects to support people affected by MND and let's see what we can achieve together.