Debbie Martin

Debbie Martin

I am mum to three boys and nanny to seven grandchildren. I have worked in the NHS for 40 years and am a qualified nurse.

My partner of 18 years, Rich, was diagnosed with MND in February 2020. Rich was a fit, active, healthy man, still working part-time at the time of diagnosis. Sadly, Rich passed away 225 days after diagnosis in September 2020. Rich and I had discussed what his care looked like and where he wanted to be looked after, which was at home by me and our children. I am really proud that we achieved everything Rich wanted - his wishes fulfilled.

Three days after Rich passed away, I made a video detailing our seven-month journey documenting the highs and the lows. I shared my video with the MND Association with a view to helping others. I joined our local MND group and became a volunteer.

I decided to apply to become a trustee and was overwhelmed to have been elected. I see this as a real privilege.

My passion is helping carers support their loved ones with MND as well as campaigning, raising awareness and sharing my story.

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262