Kirrie Todd Headshot

What is your motivation to become a trustee of the MND Association?

I am incredibly proud to be a co-opted trustee of the MND Association. Becoming a trustee is an absolute privilege. MND has affected three generations of my family from as long ago as the 1950's and most recently with the death of my sister in October 2021. Consequently, I have a huge personal interest and commitment in doing everything possible to contribute towards finding a treatment, and hopefully one day, a cure. I am determined to be part of the amazing work going on to identify treatment and ultimately a cure.

What experience and skills will you bring to your role as a trustee?

In terms of my professional background, I have spent my career in a variety of marketing and communications leadership roles working with internal and external stakeholders including the media and Government. My current role is Head of Communications (UK Operations) for a global pharmaceutical company.

I have been involved in communication and engagement roles for the whole of my career, working in sectors as diverse as the public sector, financial services, construction and retail. I work closely with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders to communicate, inform and engage.