Awareness changes lives

MND Association fundraisers

We need people to know about MND, to understand it and to see the devastation it wreaks on people’s lives. Only then can we affect the change that’s so desperately needed and reflected in our Promises.

We’re constantly striving to reach new audiences – looking for new ways, new channels and new stories – to spread that awareness and inspire people to engage with our cause. We also want people to know what we are doing, the impact we’re having and the work we’re doing - in the hope of engaging their support.

How we raise awareness

We capitalise on calendar dates – Global MND Awareness Day each June is a key date in our calendar. But we don’t just wait for 21 June to come around. We work hard all year to ensure MND and the work of the Association is on the news agenda, is being talked about by decision makers and is in the conscience of the general public.

We create opportunities – like our Act To Adapt campaign which is delivering real change at local authority level, and the coalition United To End MND campaign which featured weekly for four months in the Sunday Express and resulted in a Government investment of £50 million in targeted MND research

We use opportunities created by others – for instance we spread the word about our supporters’ incredible fundraising initiatives, like the Spennylympics and our patron Kevin Sinfield’s heroic sporting challenges.

We tell the stories of people living with and affected by MND – if you haven’t listened to our monthly podcast MND Matters, do tune in and subscribe to make sure you don’t miss an episode. And you can read more stories from people affected by MND in Thumb Print, our members’ magazine. 

We’ve secured slots on national television and radio, in national and regional newspapers, on local and community radio, in dozens of magazines and publications, hundreds of websites and social media posts…

We target our awareness at individuals, groups and organisations which can make a real difference. Our ‘I’m Gary’ campaign encouraged healthcare professionals to download the Red Flag Tool to help them spot the symptoms of MND.

For the last 34 years we have organised the International Symposium on ALS / MND, which is the largest medical and scientific conference on the disease. In 2023, we welcomed over 1600 delegates from around the world in the first face-to-face version of the event since 2019.

Top stats
  • We have over 77,000 Facebook followers
  • We have over 48,000 Twitter followers
  • Our Instagram page has over 28,000 followers
  • You can now find us on TikTok too
  • Over 1 million visits to our website each year
We need your help too

Everything we do as a community can be used to raise awareness of MND and our vital work. We just need to tell people about it! Talk to people, use your social media channels and encourage your friends to follow ours, put up posters, encourage your network to listen to our podcast, share your story...