We promise

We promise...

The MND Association is harnessing the hope within our community to speed up progress towards a world free from MND, by committing to five promises.

After more than 40 years’ work, there is more knowledge, more co-ordinated care and more support than ever. But it’s not enough. Our five promises give us a renewed focus to work faster and fight harder to strive for better – together with our community.

These promises have been shaped by our community and they will power everything we do.

Promise 1: MND is treatable and ultimately curable

We are seeking new collaborative drug discovery and development projects, helping to fund and facilitate the research that is taking us ever closer to uncovering the causes of MND, effective treatments and ultimately a cure.

Promise 1
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Promise 2: Everyone gets the care they need when they need it

Co-ordinated multi-disciplinary care is the very best way to ensure a person with MND has access to all the healthcare professionals they need, at the right time. Our 22 care networks across the country provide this. But not everyone with MND has access to the same level of support. That must change.

Promise 3: Every day with MND counts

For people with MND, technology can help life be the best it can. The MND Association Think Tank is working with tech giants from around the world to find solutions to real-life problems.

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Promise 4

Promise 4: You are heard

If we shout louder and to the right people, things will change. If we all join together we can’t be ignored.

Promise 5: No one faces MND alone

We will work to break down barriers that prevent people with and affected by MND from accessing the help and support they need.

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Work has already started. We have projects underway to kickstart our journey towards delivering on our promises. These are being led by Association teams with support from people who can provide expertise, knowledge, skills and direction. That includes a number of people with and affected by MND who are at the heart of our promises and who have a vital part to play in their delivery.

There will be lots of opportunities to get involved over the coming weeks and months. We'll be updating this page and you'll find more on our social media feeds as well under #MNDPromises.

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262