Allied Health Professionals Competency Framework

The MND Association, MS Trust and Parkinson’s UK have joined together, in consultation with allied health professionals (AHPs), to develop a competency framework for progressive neurological conditions.

This aims to recognise the activities and responsibilities of allied health professionals when working with patients with progressive neurological conditions and has additional sections which focus specifically on Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and motor neurone disease.

The framework – currently for dietetics and occupational therapy – provides a standard list of the knowledge and skills required within each level of practice. It sets out a clear career progression pathway. It might also be used to inform effective commissioning of specialist allied health professional services. It aims to:

  • promote greater consistency in allied health professional services for people with progressive neurological conditions
  • create a list of competencies, approved by relevant professional bodies, that support practitioners to achieve and maintain high quality, safe and effective care to people with progressive neurological conditions
  • support continued professional development at individual and team level
  • support professional revalidation, recruitment and retention of specialist roles

The output of the project is an accessible resource for use by practitioners and those who manage and commission services. With this resource we hope to assist practitioners to develop their practice, and to improve knowledge about specialist Allied Health Professionals neurology roles along with an appreciation of their importance, and how the most effective team can be constructed through judicious use of the appropriate staffing levels and their associated skills.

Find out more: Read the framework


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