The MND Association is offering email addresses to volunteers who commonly email within their role. Given the sensitive information and vital communications sent through your email accounts, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. With an Association email address, you'll help us provide a more secure and reliable communication platform. As a result, not only do we protect your personal information, but also that of those we support. Having an Association email address also means that we can implement more robust cyber security measures, such as two-factor authentication. This helps protect your data from potential cyber threats.

 Your email address can be accessed through or the Outlook app. You will also be able to use online applications such as Teams, Word, Excel, OneDrive, and more. Not only will your information be stored more securely, but it will also be easier and more secure to share your work.

Information outlined within the digital skills section of the website is for volunteers to ensure technology provided by the MND Association, including but not limited to; IT software and email (MND Association ICT services) is used in an acceptable and safe way. Volunteers should be responsible users at all times, and understand they are accountable for their actions, and that misuse or failure to comply with the information outlined could result in their suspension from the service. Continued usage of the MND Association ICT services indicates your acceptance of and compliance with this. 

GDPR & Data Protection

  • It is essential that people are able to trust the Association and feel confident that information they give us is treated with respect and given in confidence
  • We are all responsible for protecting the privacy of individuals and their right to control the ways we use their personal information 
Data breach

Click here for Written or Video guides on logging in to your email account 

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I'm going on holiday abroad. Will I still be able to use my email address?

Just ask your ASC to send an email to the ICT team if you're planning to continue your volunteering from abroad so they can ensure your access remains open. 

How much storage do I have?

Your email has 2GB of storage so make sure to delete what you don't need any more.

Can I set up auto forwarding from my Association email address to my personal?

No. This functionality is not enabled in order to keep all of the information on your emails safe. 

GDPR & Data Protection


Volunteer Agreement

Volunteer Agreement