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Scrap benefit reassessments

If you’re a parliamentary candidate, please click the link to pledge your support to scrap benefit reassessments for people with MND.

If you’re a supporter, take action now to help scrap benefit reassessments for people with MND. You can contact your candidates via

Email       OR    Twitter

With the general election approaching, we need you to urge your parliamentary candidates to commit to scrapping reassessments for people living with MND who are claiming Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)*.

Reassessing people with MND for disability benefits such as ESA is pointless. It makes no sense to reassess people with MND because it is a rapidly progressing, terminal condition with no periods of remission, meaning a person living with the disease will only see their symptoms get worse, not better. The reassessments are unnecessary, cause avoidable stress and anxiety for people with MND, and are a waste of public money.

The last Government announced that people in the support group of ESA with ‘severe and lifelong conditions’ would be exempt from reassessments for that benefit, and we want to make sure the next Government upholds this commitment.

Take a look and see which candidates have already committed their support.

Meeting your candidates
If your candidates come knocking at your door or you meet them at a local event, be prepared by printing a candidate briefing for England, Wales or Northern Ireland, and give this to them.

Please also take a look at our volunteer guidance on talking to candidates and our FAQ document if you have any questions.

If you’re an MND branch or group, you may also find this guidance on campaigning during the election period useful.

To read a copy of the MND Association’s manifesto please visit this webpage.

*ESA is the benefit paid to people whose ability to work is limited by ill health or disability. The eligibility for this benefit is tested through the work capability assessment (WCA).

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