Benefits and entitlements policies

The implications of Universal Credit for people living with motor neurone disease (MND)
A report by Policy in Practice, commissioned by the MND Association. (2018)

Improving Lives: Work, Health and Disability Green Paper
Our response to the Government's proposals on work, health and disability. (2017)

PIP aids and appliances
Our response to the consultation on eligibility for Personal Independence Payment. (2016)

Response to the Centre for Ageing Better draft evidence review scope on the role of home adaptations in improving later life
The Centre for Ageing Better plans to review evidence and research about the difference home adaptations make to the lives of older people. We think this will be really useful, and have asked them to look specifically to look at barriers to getting home adaptations and at the needs of people with progressive and terminal illnesses like MND. (2016)

Response to the consultation on ‘self-sufficient’ local government
This consultation asked about the Government’s plans to devolve the benefit Attendance Allowance to local authority level. This would also mean giving the Welsh Government responsibility for it. We disagree with this proposal because we think people with MND will lose out as a result. (2016)

Evidence for the Second Independent Review of the Personal Independence Payment Assessment
The second independent review of PIP assessments asked for evidence about problems with getting further evidence to support PIP claims as well as other problems with the process. We said that the system could work better for people with progressive conditions like MND. (2016)

The Blue Badge Scheme in Wales
We welcome many of the changes that the Welsh Government would like to make to the Blue Badge scheme. However, we think that decisions about eligibility should be based on more than just Personal Independence Payment assessments, and that cases of fraud should still be dealt with through the current legal rules. (2016)

Evidence on delays and errors in benefits applications for people with MND
This is a submission of evidence to the Work and Pensions Committee discusses how problems with accessing benefits in the right way, at the right time and according to the right rules can mean that people with MND and their carers can end up struggling for support when coping with a rapidly progressing and terminal illness. It makes a number of recommendations for Government to take forward to improve the system. (2015)

Response to the draft Welfare Reform and Work Bill 2015
We have responded to the Government’s draft Welfare Reform and Work Bill which sets out to change some benefits. We want the Government to consider the impact of a freeze on benefit rates on people with MND, and to make sure that carers get the full support they need. (2015)

PIP consultation response
Submission to the first independent review of Personal Independence Payment. (2014)

VAT on adapted vehicles
Response to a consultation to proposals to change VAT relief for adapted vehicles. (2014)

Work and Pensions Committee evidence
Submission to a select committee inquiry into Employment and Support Allowance and the Work Capability Assessment. (2014)

Progressive Conditions Dossier
Joint submission to the fifth independent review of the Work Capability Assessment, with four other charities. (2014)

Priority Services Register consultation
Response to a consultation on prioritising vulnerable energy customers during power cuts and other utility outages. (2014)

Response to Litchfield review of WCA
Submission to the fourth independent review of the work capability assessment. (2013)

Independent Living Fund response
Response to the consultation on proposals to close the Independent Living Fund entirely. (2012)

UC and related regs response
Response to a consultation on regulations for Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payment. (2012)

PIP Assessment response
Response to the consultation on the thresholds and assessments for PIP. (2012)

PIP detailed design response
Response to the consultation on the detailed design of PIP. (2012)

Position Statement on DLA and PIP
Position statement written during the development of Personal Independence Payment. (2011)

Response to 21st Century Welfare
Response to a command paper consulting on the Coalition Government’s overall approach to benefits. (2010)

Submission by the MND Association to the Pathways to Work evidence-gathering exercise
Response to a consultation on the Work Capability Assessment. (2010)


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