Many GPs will only see one or two people with MND in their career, and some may have difficulty recognising symptoms of the disease.

We need your help to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of MND with GPs by sharing the Red Flags tool with them. Using the Red Flags tool will help GPs to recognise early signs of MND in order to refer to a neurologist in a timely manner.

Download the Red Flags Tool and give it to your GP at your next appointment

Red Flags Tool        Red Flags Tool (Welsh)

You can also order paper copies by emailing: [email protected] or phone us on 01604 611684.

Further information

The Red Flags tool for GPs, produced in partnership with the Royal College of General Practitioners, is designed to improve timely referrals to a neurologist and therefore speed up the time to accurate diagnosis.

We need your support to make sure your GP, and GPs across the country know about MND and the Red Flags tool.

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