We work in coalition with other organisations and charities to help achieve change for people with MND and their carers.

Care and Support Alliance

We are a member of the Care & Support Alliance, which was set up in July 2009. It includes over 60 of England’s leading charities campaigning for a properly funded care system alongside the millions of older people, disabled people and their carers who deserve decent care. We believe there is a strong case for change and are working with fellow members towards reform.

Disability Benefits Consortium

We have been a longstanding member of the Disability Benefits Consortium. The DBC is committed to achieving a benefit system that is fair for all and ensuring that Government policy on benefits meets the needs of all disabled people. Using our combined knowledge, experience and direct contact with people with disabilities, those with long-term conditions and carers, we seek to ensure government policy reflects and meets the needs of disabled people.

Carers Poverty Coalition

In 2023, we joined the Carers Poverty Coalition in an effort to lessen the financial hardship experienced by millions of unpaid carers across the UK. The coalition includes a mixture of charities and local organisations, and aims to build awareness of carer poverty and the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on unpaid carers, and improve the limited financial support available to them. Crucially, the coalition also looks at what support carers need in order for them to continue in formal employment, alongside their caring role, for as long as possible.

Other partnerships

We also have longstanding relationships with the Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Alliance, the Prescription Charges Coalition and the Family of MND/ALS Charters.