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Nick Cole, Head of Research at the MND Association

"We're making progress - together, we will crack this"

Dr Nick Cole, MND Association Head of Research


What is Cure Finders?

Cure Finders is the community that believes MND can be beaten. It is the connection between you and MND research. For a monthly donation, you will get a behind-the-scenes look into and exclusive updates from the front line of research. You gain a deeper understanding of MND – and in return, 100% of your support will help fund vital research.

You’ll get to know the researchers who are leading the way, gain a deeper understanding of their work – and become a vital part of the community that believes MND can be beaten.

What do I get?

By becoming a Cure Finder, you will gain access to the Cure Finders Hub. Here, you can explore the labs and get to know the scientists on the front line of MND research, through articles and interviews. You will also receive research updates and news via quarterly emails.

A sneak peek of the benefits you get as a Cure Finder...

Access to an exclusive Cure Finders 'hub'

Get to know the researchers searching for a cure for MND

Read the latest updates on progress of MND research

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