The role of DNA between the genes in MND risk and development

“We are identifying and characterising new DNA targets (jumping genes) which may contribute to the development and progression of MND.” – Dr John Quinn, lead researcher

Many gene mutations have been identified which increase the risk of MND. However, it is now clear that changes are found both in the actual genes themselves and in the intervening stretches of DNA between the genes. In this project, which we are hoping to fund with your support, Dr John Quinn and his team at the University of Liverpool aim to study the DNA between the genes to construct a complete picture of our genome. This will help them find genetic changes associated with the development of MND.

The first part of this project will involve processing and analysing a wealth of MND genetic data, using a technique called bioinformatics. The genetic data will be obtained from a large international MND project called as Project MinE. Using this data, the team will then conduct an in-depth analysis of the DNA between the genes, to see which areas are linked to an increased risk of MND. This innovative project stands to improve our knowledge of the causes of MND, which will help us to develop new therapies.

This project will cost £190,000 over three years.

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