PhD Studentships

“I’m really excited by my PhD into motor neurone disease. It broadens my skills as a scientist and develops me as an independent thinker. However, most importantly, I am adding to research that will ultimately lead to better outcomes for people that are diagnosed with this horrible disease. I hope that my work can contribute to making a difference for patients in the future!” Sarah Granger, current PhD student.

Our PhD Studentship programme helps us to attract the most promising young researchers to undertake PhD training in an MND-related project. Through completing their PhD over a period of up to three years, our students build their skills in MND research under the tutorship of a leading researcher in the field. Students also get the opportunity to share their findings with the wider research community at our International Symposium on MND/ALS. This vital programme is helping us to fulfil our promise to the MND community that we will continue to fund research until MND is treatable and ultimately curable.

Our studentships are also helping to shape the future leaders of MND research - many of our previous PhD students have gone on to specialise in a career in MND research.

We are currently funding 17 studentships.

A donation of £33,000 would help to fund one of our studentships for a year.

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