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We are a leader in the funding and promotion of cutting-edge MND research. It’s vital that we keep on securing the best researchers, year on year, if we are to achieve our vision of a world free of MND.

Every year, following a rigorous review by a panel of experts, our Lady Edith Wolfson Fellowship Programme awards research grants to some of the best and brightest minds in the country. The four Fellows we’ve appointed this year are no exception. Their research could lead to significant insights into both the causes of MND and the mechanisms that lie behind motor neurone degeneration.

Our four Fellows are some of the most promising scientists in the country. The next breakthrough in MND treatments, or even a cure, could come from their efforts to understand and defeat MND.

Please donate to help secure more brilliant researchers who could make the next leap forward in MND research. Because with the best and brightest brains on our side we will beat MND one day.

Meet our 2022 Research Fellows

Martin Turner White Background

“I had the honour of being the very first recipient of a Clinical Fellowship from the MND
Association. I feel privileged to have been among the pioneers.

“Without my Fellowship, it would have been much more challenging for me to carve
out the dedicated time needed to do meaningful research into MND. Through my Fellowships,
I’ve been able to attract early career doctors to MND research, building the next generation
committed to finding effective treatments for MND.”

Professor Martin Turner

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