Bev at home

With the best possible care, people with MND could have more time with loved ones

Donate today and help give people with MND more time to make precious memories.

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MND is a hugely complex condition so a person with MND might need to see up to 20 health specialists over the course of their MND journey. Travelling to see so many healthcare professionals is not just time-consuming, it can be draining. However, it’s been proven that co-ordinated, multi-disciplinary care can help people with MND have a better quality of life and live longer.

It’s precisely the kind of care that has meant the world to Bev (above) who was diagnosed with MND in 2021.

When Bev first noticed her speech was slurring, her family urged her to get it checked out. But receiving a referral and getting an appointment with a neurologist was difficult. Thankfully, since her diagnosis, Bev’s care has been co-ordinated by Beth, a specialist in MND care, which has made all the difference.

"My family is amazed at the care I have now. Beth brings all of the healthcare professionals together, so they can discuss everything and make sure nothing is missed. I can’t praise them enough.”

Currently, not everyone with MND has access to the same level of support. That must change. That’s why we’ve committed to funding 14 brand new roles, dedicated to co-ordinating MND care in areas of the country with the most need.

Please, donate today and help even more people with MND get the best care possible.  Because for families affected by MND,  there’s nothing more precious than time - time to make special memories.

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

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