Emergency Appeal

Please support our emergency appeal today

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The Covid-19 crisis is an unprecedented situation for us all. We need your help to continue to be there for people with MND during this time.

We are urgently assessing where help is most needed and adapting our services quickly to ensure we can continue to be there for all those affected by MND.

We have committed to contacting every household that we know is affected by MND. These conversations will help us to understand the needs and challenges they are facing, so that we can provide a timely response and help wherever we can.

But, at a time when we need to do more, we are facing a devastating drop in income as a result of the crisis, with the loss of up to a third of our annual income as a result.

We hope that you will understand why we need your help at this time. We are determined to continue to be there for people with MND, who need us now more than ever. Please, if you are able to, will you help us with an extra donation today?

Your support for this urgent appeal would mean so much. A gift of £27 could pay for an advisor on our MND Connect helpline for one hour. Helping to provide this vital service to people with MND when they need it most.

If there is anything that we can do to support you at this time please remember that the MND Association is here to help and support you with advice, up to date information, or simply to listen and provide reassurance. Please contact MND Connect on the details below.

To keep up to date with our latest advice for people affected by MND, please visit our Coronavirus and MND hub.

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262