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Project AMBRoSIA Appeal

AMBRoSIA (A Multicentre Biomarker Resource Strategy In ALS) is our biggest, research project to date. It could help us understand motor neurone disease better than ever before. It could help develop a faster process for diagnosing the disease and may lead to better targeted treatments.

This is your chance to be a part of our most ambitious project ever –
100% of your donation will help to fund Project AMBRoSIA.



Donate £20 and help investigate participant samples.
Give £20


Donate £50 and help pay for specialist lab equipment.
Give £50


Donate £100 and help fund a dedicated researcher.
Give £100

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What is AMBRoSIA?

AMBRoSIA could be a huge step towards a future without MND – and it needs your support.

900 participants living with motor neurone disease, plus a further 450 healthy participants to compare them with, will take part in AMBRoSIA. Research will take place across three world-class research centres in London, Oxford and Sheffield. The project will take between 3 to 5 years to complete.

What does the project aim to do?

Our research teams will analyse thousands of samples taken from participants. They will look at how motor neurone disease progresses in different people. This will help us better understand the various types of MND and how each type affects those living with the disease.

AMBRoSIA could eventually lead us to:

  • A faster process for diagnosing MND.
  • Earlier access to treatment, improving the prognosis for many patients.
  • Better understanding of the various types of MND and their speed of progression, meaning we can help patients according to their individual needs.
  • New drugs testing according to different causes of MND, leading to bespoke approaches to treatment.
  • Ultimately, advances made from AMBRoSIA may even let us begin working towards developing preventative treatments for MND.

What are biomarkers?

Biomarkers are the ‘fingerprints’ of MND, chemical signals unique to the disease. We will analyse thousands of blood, cerebrospinal fluid and skin samples from each of our participants and monitor the progress of their disease every three months.

Finding the biomarkers unique to MND will make testing the effect of drugs and treatments much more accurate. In the future, these biomarkers may be critical in our search for a cure.

  I’m absolutely motivated to see that we finally develop better treatments, if not a complete reversal of this disease. This project is unprecedented in how large it is, and it will involve over 1000 volunteers including 900 patients living with MND.  

Professor Martin Turner

How can I help?

Motor neurone disease has made its mark on so many lives. Now we are calling on everyone to make their own mark on this cruel disease.

Every donation we receive will help us get another step closer to a future without MND. Your contribution could make all the difference to improving our understanding of motor neurone disease.

Make your mark on MND today by donating to this study. 100% of your donation will fund Project AMBRoSIA.

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