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Translational research holds the key to effective treatments

Translational research is often referred to as the bridge between promising early lab research and the testing of treatments in the clinic. This type of research is essential if we are to produce life-changing treatments for MND. An example of translational research is a pioneering gene therapy study led by Dr Guillaume Hautbergue at the University of Sheffield.

Dr Hautbergue and his team are developing new treatment strategies based on a known cause of MND – a mutation in the C9orf72 gene which causes a section of DNA to be repeated over and over again. These repeats, when copied into our body’s RNA, have the effect of killing nerve cells that control our motor functions and is thought to be a key cause of one of the most common forms of MND.

Dr Hautbergue With Microscope

“This is a completely new approach to tackling the most common type of MND. It’s an exciting time for biomedical research and the development of new treatments.”

Dr Guillaume Hautbergue

This is a significant step forward, and hopefully the first of many translational research projects that will offer real hope to people living with MND. But we need your support to make them happen.

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