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Martin Mayston
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Martin Mayston

MND entered my life, uninvited in October 2018, at 54 years of age. I'm just a normal bloke, two grown-up married daughters, five granddaughters, two stepsons, had my own business working as a driving instructor, dreaming and working towards an early retirement. My MND diagnosis changed all that, but then it doesn't care who it picks on.

I decided to raise as much funds as possible for the MND Association, not only to fund research into finding a much-needed cure but also to go towards helping people like me cope with this devastating, terminal illness diagnosis. That is why I decided to set up a Fightback Fund.

As time has gone on, I have started to write my own blogs about living with MND and they are all shared on my Fightback Fund page.

They’ll be stored there forever, long after I’m gone. My friends and family will be able to continue to raise money in my name, and my stories will be there for my grandchildren to read, some of them are too young to understand the illness.

I have a wonderful support network, lots of friends and family are raising money in my name and it is all recorded in my Fightback Fund. It’s made such a difference with raising awareness of motor neurone disease. I would encourage more people to share their stories on the Fightback Fund and let’s keep fighting together, as long as we can.

If you would like to set up your own Fightback Fund, please use this form.


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