A gift in your Will could give hope of a world free from MND

What if our generation could beat MND?

Our vision is a world free from MND – and that’s a goal I believe we will one day reach.

Sadly, with all the will in the world, we won’t beat MND today. But a gift in your Will could make that future breakthrough possible – the one that could mean future generations are spared the devastation of MND.

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Ian Lev

"We have benefited from the MND Association's support and would like to help them continue to offer support to other families. As well as be able to continue to invest in research. That's why we're leaving a gift in our Will"

Ian Lev

Janet Pollard

"I lost my husband from this disease and just wish they can find a treatment for this cruel disease. The support I got from the MND Association helped me so much, that is why I will be leaving a gift in my Will."

Janet Pollard


people in the UK are living with MND at any one time. There is currently no cure.


of people with MND will have communication difficulties. Many will lose the ability to speak with their loved ones.


of people living with MND lose their life within one year of diagnosis and more than half within two years.

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

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