In addition to contributing your cash or time to support the MND Association, you can donate shares and make a positive difference towards the services and research we fund.

Shares worth over £500 to donate?

Please let us know if you have shares worth more than £500 you would like to give. We will let you know if we can accept them and what to do next. We can then send you a transfer form to take the shares out of your name and put them into the name of the MND Association.

Contact us about shares worth over £500

Shares worth less than £500 to donate?

If you believe the value of your share certificates to be less than £500, an efficient way of disposing of these charitably is to donate them to ShareGift, the share donation charity (registered charity 1052686).

ShareGift is an independent charity which specialises in accepting small holdings of shares, particularly those which are not worth selling because that would cost more than they are worth. They will provide you with all the information you need to transfer your shares so that they can be used to benefit a wide range of UK charities.

The MND Association has already received over £35,000 in donations from Sharegift thanks to supporters of the scheme.

For further details, contact Sharegift on:

Telephone: 020 7930 3737       Email: [email protected]

Please make sure you mention the MND Association when you make a donation, as this will make sure that we continue to benefit from their funds. Alternatively contact us with the details below and we will send you a ShareGift donation coupon.

Financial advice

We recommend that you always seek advice from a financial adviser who can explain the best ways to give and your personal tax implications. The HM Revenue and Customs provides detailed information on giving land, buildings, shares and securities to charity.

UK taxpayers may be able to claim Income Tax Relief on the value of shares donated to charity. In addition, there is no gain or loss for Capital Gains Tax purposes.

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about supporting the MND Association through gifting of shares, please contact us using the details below.

Call us: 01604 611751   Email us: [email protected]