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Christmas Raffle 2017

Our Christmas Raffle is back for 2017 with the chance for you to win one of over 70 prizes including up to £4,000 cash.

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Each ticket costs just a pound and by taking part, you’ll be helping to make a huge difference in the lives of people living with MND and their families.

It’s so quick and easy to play the raffle! You can buy your tickets online by visiting www.raffleentry.org.uk/mnda or call 0345 601 6936 to order your tickets over the phone.

Alternatively, if you’d like to order raffle tickets to sell at events, or to friends and family, please email raffle@mndassociation.org

The raffle closes on Monday 8 January 2018 and the lucky winners will be drawn on Monday 15 January 2018.

It is illegal for anyone under 16 to enter this raffle.

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“Even though MND has entered my life, it will never change my positive outlook.

I believe a cure is near and by fundraising together we can achieve this”

– Jo Cole who is living with MND

Remember, every raffle ticket you buy will help us to provide care to people like Jo, and take us closer to achieving our vision of a world free from MND.

So please don’t miss out – buy your raffle tickets today!

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MND Association raffle policy
2017 Christmas Raffle Early Bird winners

Well done to our fifty Early Bird winners who have each received their special penguin soft toy.

Mr Clive Elton, Guildford
Mrs Janet Parratt, Stockport
Mrs J Hilton, Dover
Mrs Elspeth Wedgwood, Edinburgh
Mrs Carroline Bolt, Plymouth
Mr David Dwyer, Stoke-sub-Hamdon
Dr Lucy Wilcock, Wakefield
Ms Julia Lunn, Hereford
Mrs Jill Champion, Wotton Under Edge
Mrs Christine Boyer, Bicester
Mrs Pam McLellan, Gillingham
Mrs Lorraine Tilbury, Matlock
Mr William Parkman, Belper
Mr Rob Phelps, New Milton
Mr Chris Dodd, Liverpool
Mrs Ann O’Shaughnessy, Newbury
Mrs Marion Smith, Saffron Walden
Mrs Lucy Smith, Bognor Regis
Mrs Audrey Klimkowska, London
Mr Graham Charman, Tonbridge
Mrs C Kreuzer, Twickenham
Miss Pamela Meek, Uxbridge
Mrs Patricia Watson, Enfield
Mrs S Clinton, Perth

2017 Summer Raffle winners

Congratulations to the following winners, who were drawn on Monday 19 June 2017:

1st prize, £4,000
ticket 6623, Hickery, Bristol

2nd prize, £500
ticket 17434, Hull, Aberdare

3rd prize, £200
ticket 298239, Lloyd, Leeds

Golden Ticket, £250
Brown, Southend-on-Sea

20 runner-up prizes, £25
ticket 207588, Williams, London
ticket 322729, Shirreff, Tonbridge
ticket 169941, Speed, London
ticket 314507, Farley, Altrincham
ticket 345457, Marshall, Cambridge
ticket 182797553, Robinson, Derby
ticket 159156, Pope, Darlington
ticket 235367, Carrington, Bedford
ticket 428936, Adkins, Kettering
ticket 50670, Durant, Lichfield
ticket 202016, Barratt, Okehampton
ticket 32698, Cooper, Eastbourne
ticket 29993, May, Haslemere
ticket 245211, Dixon, Wigton
ticket 347328, Eames, Bushey
ticket 73839, Oates, Chesterfield
ticket 6151, Lines, Somerton
ticket 270790, Parker, Woodford Green
ticket 69074, Alexanders, Rowlands Gill
ticket 159019, Greenshields, Wylam

2016 Christmas Raffle winners

Congratulations to the following winners, who were drawn on Monday 16 January 2017:

1st prize, £4,000
ticket 207839, Beale, Kent

2nd prize, £500
ticket 175806343, Tucker, Hampshire

3rd prize, £200
ticket 64391, Nelson, Norfolk

20 runner-up prizes, £25
ticket 177450447, Evans, Bristol
ticket 184304, Hickey, Cheltenham
ticket 175824874, Healey, Leek
ticket 122332, Harrison, Penrith
ticket 122315, Jefferson, Brampton
ticket 365830, Aughton, Derby
ticket 158528, Johnson,Worcester
ticket 41575, Gray, Middlesbrough
ticket 71704, Bryant, Kent
ticket 178621168, Curtis, Eastleigh
ticket 54147, Thorn, Kings Lynn
ticket 32727, Henson, Nottingham
ticket 407372, Watkin, Sale
ticket 163983, Sills, Bedfordshire
ticket 73167, Bedbrook, Norfolk
ticket 436276, Hearn, Essex
ticket 2909, Vaughan, Somerset
ticket 178096840, Allen, Ipswich
ticket 272792, Judd, Andover
ticket 59824, Bloom, London

2016 Summer Raffle winners

Congratulations to the following winners, who were drawn on Monday 4 July 2016:

1st prize, £4,000
ticket 4221, Birnie, Gloucester

2nd prize, £500
ticket 161757056, Lacey, London

3rd prize, £200
ticket 379067, Billingham, Edwinstowe

20 runner up prizes, £25
ticket 70465, Maxim, Suffolk
ticket 474629, Abbott, Cambridge
ticket 167654464, Spencer, London
ticket 502042, Harrison, Rotherham
ticket 318086, Pyper, Princes Risborough
ticket 174530, Stothard, Harrogate
ticket 425502, Jeffreys, London
ticket 75384, Hall, Northampton
ticket 310521, Walker, Saffron Walden
ticket 164883, Jefferson, Brampton
ticket 395659, Rodgers, Rotherham
ticket 458278, Hewson, Crediton
ticket 350242, O’Keeffe, Abingdon
ticket 359526, Berry, Ramsgate
ticket 26587, Dodds, Reading
ticket 363590, McGowan, Liverpool
ticket 43045, Smithy, London
ticket 94181, Elliott, Beverley
ticket 161775280, Bayliss, Pershore
ticket 105615, Hough, Warrington

2015 Christmas Raffle winners

Congratulations to the following winners, who were drawn on Friday 15 January 2016.

First prize – £4,000 cash
ticket 0349055, O’Donoghue, Birmingham

Second prize – £500 cash
ticket 0056341, Ambrose, Essex

Third prize – £200 cash
ticket 0463839, Prince, Gillingham

Twenty runner-up prizes – £25 cash
Ticket 0009949 – Golding, Burnham On Sea
Ticket 0174852 – Burke, Hexham
Ticket 0067780 – Johnson, Derby
Ticket 0158253 – Plumb, Bungay
Ticket 0133428 – McCusker
Ticket 0225418 – Everingham, Beverley
Ticket 151039124 – Johnson, Great Ayton
Ticket 0104960 – McAlpine, Washington
Ticket 0438264 -Sutton
Ticket 0000946 – Robertson
Ticket 0006067 – Jones, Kidwelly
Ticket 0232660 – Gould, Warrington
Ticket 0078264 – Hadley, Earlswood
Ticket 0466073 – Watson
Ticket 0223631 – Platt, Wakefield
Ticket 0378669 – Grimes, Norwich
Ticket 0234532 – Clough, Winwick
Ticket 0212895 – Titt, Shaftesbury
Ticket 0029101 – McMillan, Bristol
Ticket 0079778 – Carson, Birmingham

"I was very pleased to see that I'd won a prize. I thought it was such a fun way of supporting the charity, and it's a real bonus to be a winner!"

"I was very pleased to see that I'd won a prize. I thought it was such a fun way of supporting the charity, and it's a real bonus to be a winner!"

Charlie Spencer - Summer Raffle 2016 prize winner

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