Help us investigate potential treatments

By investing in research projects to help drive fundamental discoveries through the various stages of treatment development, from laboratory to clinic, we can speed up the drug development process.

Our annual grant awards for projects looking into potential treatments for MND come under three different schemes:

  • Project grants - usually awarded a maximum of £255,000 for up to three years to allow an in depth investigation of an area of research
  • PhD Studentships - a cost-effective means of conducting biomedical research, while ensuring high calibre graduates can undertake a PhD training in MND-related research. These projects are awarded approximately £100,000 over three years.
  • Non-Clinical Fellowships - aim to retain and develop early and mid-career MND researchers conducting biomedical research. These fellowships are for up to four years, with the financial award varying from up to £270,000 for a junior fellowship and up to £440,000 for a senior fellowship.

Read a summary of the currently funded research projects that are looking into potential treatments for MND.

“MND research is exciting work because there is a groundswell of medical and scientific opinion that MND is a disease that can be conquered.”
Professor Richard Ribchester

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