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In the last issue of ‘Your Impact’, we highlighted how MND researchers were adapting to lockdown. From setting up labs in their homes to finding new ways to share ideas and results – there was no shortage of ingenuity at play.

It’s often said that ‘out of adversity comes opportunity’, and as MND researcher Lyndsay Didcote (right) has discovered, being forced to change your methods can have unexpected benefits.

Her research project, ‘Measuring Cognitive and Behavioural Change in ALS’ is looking at recording how people’s thinking and behaviour change after an MND diagnosis – and how that could influence the treatment they receive.

Previously, Lyndsay visited participants at their homes. Then lockdown changed everything. She explains: “Finding a way to press on and keep collecting data was a huge challenge. We adapted the study to follow our original objectives as closely as possible while appreciate the simplicity. They can take breaks easily and sit comfortably throughout without having to entertain a visitor”.

Amazingly, making the jump online has actually increased the scope of the project. Lyndsay can now recruit participants from a much wider area, meaning more people can become involved. Lyndsay and her colleagues.

Make 2021 a truly ground-breaking year in the fight against MND.

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