Due to the nature of the disease, fast progression and lack of knowledge in the general public, these people really need a friend to talk to and someone to point them in the right direction for help and support and I love being able to provide this.
Helen Albea, Association Visitor, East Sussex

What can I do?

We've got a wide range of opportunities available, including supporting people directly to enable them to make informed choices and providing access to services they need, when they need them. We also offer opportunities for online and telephone support as well as helping in a group setting, which reduces isolation.

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Why become a support volunteer?

As a support volunteer, you get to see first hand the impact you have on a family's life. Due to the nature of the disease and its fast progression, it's easy to see why volunteers are so vital in supporting people affected by this devastating disease. With your help, we can recognise and represent the diverse needs of people affected by MND.

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