You may come into contact with people who share with you financial, personal and emotional information.

It is essential that people are able to trust the Association and feel confident that information they disclose to us is treated with respect and in confidence.

Please remember:

  • Information remains confidential to the Association, not just to one individual. Information can be shared with anyone within the Association on a ‘need to know’ basis to ensure the best care for people living with MND.
  • It is not appropriate for you to discuss information with anyone outside of the Association, or with other people living with MND.
  • Branch committees must be careful when recording minutes that no one living with MND is identified individually.
  • It is important to keep confidentiality at branch/group meetings and not repeat details without consent.

Please ensure you follow the Association's Confidentiality Policy. Any breaches of confidentiality, whether accidental or deliberate will be treated seriously and investigated.

Confidentiality Policy