Protecting and Respecting Personal Data (GDPR)

GDPR and what it means for you

Resources for branches and groups

Data protection can be bewildering, and we want to minimise the workload and confusion for you locally with these  with tools and guidance.

Branch/Group data consent letter
These are for your existing local contacts to complete. These are the people on your locally held lists that are not held on the MND Association’s database, such as local contacts for room bookings, people who donate raffle prizes etc. This is to ensure that all existing records have the correct permissions in place and comply with regulations.

You can download the consent letter.

Data gathering forms
Please use these forms to capture the initial details of any new members or contacts. They can be given a postcard (see next heading).

We recommend you keep a stock of these with your meeting supplies. Completed forms should be stored securely in a locked cabinet, or shredded if they have been added to a spreadsheet.

You can download the data gathering form. Also, our data breach guidance can be found here.

These useful postcards include a privacy statement, which should be given to someone when using the data capture form. It also includes a handy space to record your branch or group contact details on the back. You can see the front of the postcard here and the back here. We recommend you keep a stock of these with your meeting supplies. Please order hard copies from the Volunteering Team.

These give an overview of the new regulations in a handy foldable poster format. It includes “dos and don’ts” to help you understand how to meet the standards set in the new regulations. These will be sent to you separately. Please order hard copies from the Volunteering Team.

Photography Poster
Please use this poster at your events. This will allow you to take photographs and video without asking for separate permission from each attendee.

If anyone tells you they do not want to be photographed, please avoid taking pictures of them and check your photos afterwards, deleting any on which they appear. You may wish to give anyone who does not want their photograph taken a coloured sticker or badge, just to make it easy to identify them. If you're having photography at an event, you need to to fill in the details here.

If you need to obtain photography consent from individuals, you can use these consent forms for adults and children.

‘How to’ guides
These quick-reference sheets contain information about some common areas for your reference:

How to send emails
How to bcc emails
How to collect data
How to get consent supporters
How to understand GDPR
How to process photos
How to support volunteers - includes key contacts and resources for your GDPR queries.

Please contact the Volunteering Team if you require additional hard copies.

Phone: 01604 611681

If you have any queries about GDPR, and protecting and respecting personal data, please email

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262