People living with MND and their carers, tell us that progressing research and increasing our understanding of MND in order to find effective treatments and a cure is a key priority for them.

We need to ensure we provide accurate, up-to-date information on MND research and the latest information on unproven treatments, to allow people with MND to make informed decisions.

If you are aware of a person living with MND who has a question about research, or may be interested in taking part in medical trials, it is important to direct them to our research team.

For more information please visit our Research page or click on one of the relevant statement or policies below.

Here at the Association, we believe research involving animals is essential to understanding, preventing and ultimately finding a cure for MND.

All of us who work or volunteer should feel confident to respond when someone asks us whether we fund research involving animals. We should also know how best to redirect people who would like more information or want to discuss our approach further.

It is important that we are upfront and open about this aspect of our work, and that we don't just pass the enquirer on to someone else to respond, as this creates an impression that we are unclear ourselves.

Our role is not to try and change the mind of someone who is opposed to the use of animals in research. We should always provide clear information about how and why, so that people can make up their own minds.

Question. Do you fund research involving animals?

Answer. Yes we do. We believe the research involving animals is essential to understanding MND, preventing it and ultimately finding a cure.

We only fund and support research involving animals when no alternatives are available, and where researchers can show they comply with the rigorous laws that safeguard the welfare of animals used in research in the UK and across the EU. As with all research we fund, there must be a clear potential benefit to people with MND.

Question. I'd like to know more / I have more detailed or specific questions…

Answer. I can put you in touch with our research team, who are able to provide you with more detailed information or answer your specific questions. You can contact them at [email protected] or call 01604 611880. You can also read about the research we fund and support.