The Inclusion Learning Programme is made up of a range of exciting and dynamic learning opportunities using different channels, mediums and approaches. It is open to both volunteers and Association staff and is refreshed each quarter. It covers all aspects of inclusion and currently comprises:

  • Why Inclusion matters
  • Disability Awareness
  • Accessibility (including the communications access initiative)
  • Trans Awareness
  • On being an active bystander
  • Conscious and unconscious bias
  • Active Listening

You can find out more about each element, including what you will learn by visiting the Learning Lab.

The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is our Learning Platform for volunteers. Within it you will find a variety of online self-study courses and in person and online workshops that you can sign up to attend. The content has been designed to support and empower you - both in your volunteering role and with your own personal and professional development.

To access the Learning Lab you will need to have an account.

Register for Learning Lab

If you already have a Learning Lab account, you can log on at any time, from anywhere and start learning. Once logged in you will find there is a page of Courses available to you. This section is broken down into easy-to-use categories, making it straightforward to find what you are looking for; be it our current workshops or specific Inclusion Learning Programme content.

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Unfortunately, our Learning Lab isn't optimised for mobile devices, particularly iOS (used by iPhones), which may lead to scrolling errors or other usability issues. While it may function to some extent, it's not the ideal environment for completing the training.

We recommend completing this training on a laptop or PC to ensure a smoother experience. Please ensure your device has all the necessary updates installed prior to starting the training, to avoid any error messages.

Coming soon

  • Creating a welcoming environment
  • Faith, belief and culture
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Micro aggressions

If there is something else that you would like to see covered please do let us know or find out more about our inclusion strategy and journey towards inclusion.

Bite-sized learning

Parts of the programme will be delivered using mobile technology with an SMS message being sent to your phone prompting you to complete a short piece of learning as a taster session for other activities on the same subject.

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Find out more and get started

Please contact the Head of Inclusion and Wellbeing John Gillies-Wilkes.