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£11,070 was donated by 11 branches and groups towards our campaign urging the Government to change the law, so that everyone with MND can access their benefits quickly without having to go through the standard route involving lots of paperwork and assessments.

“It’s awful to be treated like you are not worth anything and feel like you are at the bottom of the pile. I have worked full time and paid my taxes and it is hard enough to live on benefits; it shouldn’t be so hard to prove you have MND and that you are not going to get better”

Person living with MND

Project update: Early this year we engaged with the DWP's review of terminal illness benefits, including meeting with the Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work, Justin Tomlinson, and arranging a meeting between people living with MND and DWP civil servants. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the whole review was put on hold.

To maintain momentum, we campaigned via social media and supporter emails to MPs around the time of the one year anniversary of the review announcement, and worked with Jessica Morden MP to put forward a private members bill to scrap the six months rule in July.