Fundraising is a central part of the work of our branches and groups. Not only in terms of the difference you are making to the lives of people living in your area in a very timely and practical way, but also by the contributions that you can make in response to specific project appeals, through annual transfers to central funds for care and research and extra donations that enable us to influence the care and treatment for people now and in the future.

Fundraising can be fun and rewarding, and as well as raising money, the activities are also ideal opportunities to raise awareness and raise the profile of your branch or group. The variety of ways to fundraise are limitless, but as competition for support increases, it is important to ensure that the energy and enthusiasm your branch or group invests in fundraising activities is focused and well planned. This will ensure that the time and resources used result in the best outcomes for your branch or group and ultimately achieve our aim of making a difference for people affected by MND, their carers families and friends.

Do contact and discuss your fundraising plans with your Regional Fundraiser who has lots of experience and knowledge, and is able to offer your branch/ group support, help and advice on any aspect of fundraising. 


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Volunteering opportunities

Whilst fundraising for the MND Association, you must abide by the Code of Fundraising Practice.

We have produced a shortened Branch and group Digest of the key points and changes related to branch and group fundraising.

Whatever your branch or group fundraising event - from a ball to a small coffee morning - it is important that it is safe and that you are aware of any legal issues.

For all events, you need to consider the following and ensure you have followed the correct guidance and advice:

  • Risk assessment
  • First aid
  • Insurance
  • Food safety
  • Licensing alcohol
  • Raffles and lotteries
  • Licensing entertainment
  • Collections of money
  • Association branding and logo.

Every branch or group needs to have a volunteer who has trained in the risk assessment process and understands what this involves. If there has been a failure to follow the correct procedures, the Association’s insurance could fail to cover in event of an accident.

To ensure you are conforming to the most up-to-date requirements, do ensure you get advice and guidance from your regional fundraiser and allow plenty of time for event planning.

Everyone will then be able to relax on the day and enjoy themselves.

Our guide to keeping it safe and legal

Fundraising ideas

The following documents provide guidance on some of the different ways you can raise funds for your branch or group. Some you may already be doing, and some you may want to try in the future.

A-Z of fundraising ideas

MND Association events

  • Bake it! - encourage the bakers around you to say it with cake
  • Silence Speaks - a sponsored silence, with a difference
  • Walk to d'Feet - organising a group walk in your local area

Other ways to raise funds

Raffles and lotteries

Motor Neurone Disease Association Raffles and Lotteries are licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under account number 4800. The Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) change regularly. To keep up to date with any changes visit the Gambling Commission website.

To check our current licensed status here - account number 4800

Please read our Raffle and Lotteries Guidance below for more information.

Raffle and Lotteries Guidance

Static collection tins

We must ensure that we comply with charity law by rigorously adhering to the Institute of Fundraising Codes of Practice. To follow this we have produced two packs for you in relation to static collecting tins:

Static collection tins process

Pack 1 - Branch and Group Static Tin Pack

These are the guidelines and resources to use if your branch or group wishes to place a static collecting tin in a shop, pub or wherever you have been given the opportunity.

Pack 2 - Fundraiser (Branch and Group) Static Tin Pack

Use these guidelines and resources if you have a fundraiser come to you (who is not a part of your branch or group) who wishes to place and manage a static collecting tin, or a number of static tins in a shop, pub etc, to help with their fundraising or to boost sponsorship for an event.