I want to use my diagnosis to help others, but I don't know how....

We heard how challenging it can be for people living with MND to take part in potentially groundbreaking research trials. The lengthy and complex process can rob them of precious time they could be spending with their loved ones. 

                                        So we listened.
                                        And we acted. 

Our new MND Association Research Nurse Network will help connect more people living with MND and our pioneering researchers. The first-of-its-kind network will see nurses based at MND Care Centres and Networks, across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Will you help Research Nurses connect more people with MND to vital research trials?


"The opportunity to take part in a clinical trial offers some hope to people who often feel there is none. Yet currently that choice isn't available to everyone. We believe it should be. 

We know people with MND often spend hours researching and applying to take part in trials only to be given the frustrating news they aren't eligible. MND Association Research Nurses will do that for them, providing all the guidance and support each person needs to make what is a really personal choice, and then guiding them through the process."

Sally Hughes Director of Services and Partnerships at the MND Association


Dr Brian Dickie, Director of research Development at the MND Association

"We want to create an environment where everyone diagnosed with the disease has options. By establishing the MND Association Research Nurse Network we believe more people will recruited onto trials more quickly."

Matt, father of three, living with MND

"Even though I've had my ups and downs with trials, I'm still prepared to give them a go. Taking part in a clinical trial gives you and your family hope this trial could work and the cruelty of the condition would stop."

Professor Christopher McDermott, Co-Director of the UK MND Research Institute.

"We know patients want the opportunity to participate in research and that professionals at MND Care Centres want to be able to offer this to their patients."

The amazing nurses will help reduce the time-consuming  search for an appropriate trial and give people more time to spend with their loved ones. 

It's thanks to your donations we're able to put this new network in place. Just imagine what the future could look like with your continued support. 

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Will you help Research Nurses connect more people with MND to vital trials?


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