Caring for someone with MND

When someone close is diagnosed with MND, you may find yourself unexpectedly in a caring role. As MND is a disease that progresses, demands on the carer will increase. The publications listed here will help you plan for the challenges ahead and remain aware of your own needs when providing support.

Most of our publications can be downloaded or you can order them in print from our helpline, MND Connect.

Caring and MND: support for you
Comprehensive information if you are supporting someone living with MND. This guide is designed to support your own wellbeing during the caring role, including information about assessment and services for carers.

Caring and MND: quick guide
An A5 booklet, providing a summary version of Caring and MND: support for you. This is designed to help those new to the caring role when someone close has been first diagnosed with MND.

9B – How do I support someone if the way they think is affected?
Information to help carers who are concerned about someone with MND experiencing changes to thinking and behaviour.

10E – Work and motor neurone disease
Information about available options if you are considering whether to continue or leave employment, including information about the Access to Work scheme.

13B – Sex and relationships for partners of people wth motor neurone disease
Information answering concerns you may have about sexual expression and intimacy if you are the partner of someone living with MND.

14B – Bereavement support
Guidance on managing the impact of bereavement and identifying when additional support may be needed.

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