10 January 2023 Care

New research has unearthed a ‘postcode lottery’ around the provision of wheelchairs, including for people with motor neurone disease (MND). While there are pockets of really good provision, wheelchair services across England are inconsistent.

The Wheelchair Economic Study, led by the Wheelchair Alliance, in partnership with the charity Motability, provided evidence which backs up anecdotal evidence collected by the MND Association over several years.

As a result, the Wheelchair Alliance have made recommendations to NHS England:

  • To adopt a model service specification and ensure all wheelchair services work in the same way
  • All wheelchair services are subject to rigorous regulations
  • Review the scale of demand on wheelchair services

“As an Association we have close links with the Wheelchair Alliance. This study confirms our concerns that there are geographical gaps in good wheelchair services for people with MND.

“We are urging NHS England to act on these recommendations. It’s vital that people with MND, and others facing mobility challenges have access to the right wheelchair and equipment at the right time. Without that people can find themselves socially excluded, unable to work or enjoy hobbies, and even trapped in their own homes.”

MND Association Care Improvement Co-ordinator Anne Buchanan

The MND Association has a team of experts to support people with MND in accessing wheelchair services. Please email: [email protected]

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