29 March 2019 News

The Motor Neurone Disease Association took a step into the future at the launch of the Next Generation Think Tank, a project aimed at exploring, designing and developing technology to support people living with a range of neurological conditions and disabilities.

The MND Association Think Tank, involving technical experts from a wide range of global companies, is the brain child of Dr Peter Scott-Morgan, an Association trustee who is living with MND, Stuart Moss an innovation strategist at Rolls Royce and the Association’s director of care improvement Nick Goldup.

Nick said:

The Think Tank is an incredibly exciting project which in a very short space of time has already brought together some of the most forward-thinking, innovative and creative companies in the world to focus on making life better for millions, and perhaps billions, of people.

Dr Peter Scott-Morgan, who is living with motor neurone disease, has a vision for how he wants to live once the disease robs him of his ability to move, speak, eat and breathe. Using medical intervention to keep his body functioning Peter plans to use technology to provide him with a high-tech quality of life. The Think Tank brings together companies and people with the expertise and capability to turn his vision into a reality.

And the benefits of this work globally shouldn’t be under-estimated. There are billions of people across the world who are paralysed, disabled, ‘locked in’, living with neurological and degenerative conditions. Some of the innovations being discussed at the inaugural meeting of the Think Tank could give those people access to new experiences, opportunities and ways of living.

The buzz in the room at the meeting was incredible and everyone involved is looking forward to where this meeting of minds will take us.

The Think Tank has already attracted news headlines with BBC and Channel 4 cameras filming at the inaugural meeting held at the Rolls Royce Innovation Centre.