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Sometimes emotional, sometimes humorous, always honest – MND Matters gives people affected by MND the chance to share their stories.

The podcast, brought to you by the MND Association, tackles a host of subjects with the aim of sharing experiences, offering informal advice and support, and raising awareness.

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Episode 24: Support MND Carers ft. Charlotte Hawkins

This month we're joined by special guest host, Good Morning Britain’s Charlotte Hawkins. Charlotte speaks with Kuai Peng and David who discuss their experiences of being an unpaid carer for somebody with MND.

Both highlight the need for more support for families who often take on the bulk of caring responsibilities and are shocked to hear MND Association stats about how few carers are aware of their right to carer’s assessment. If you’d like to get involved in the Support MND Carers campaign, check out our webpage!

If you care for somebody with MND, we have a support page here. The MND Connect helpline is available at 0808 802 6262 or

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