The Motor Neurone Disease Association is often asked to give its view on issues affecting people with motor neurone disease (MND), in terms of the care they receive, and the research being undertaken to find out more about the disease.

The MND Association funds and promotes research into the causes of and treatments for motor neurone disease (MND).

We have a responsibility to our members, and to people with MND, to ensure this research is carried out in an ethical way.

We also aim to ensure people with MND receive the best possible care and support available, and we lobby on their behalf at all levels of Government and the health services to make sure they are not disadvantaged.

This means the Association has taken a position on many of the big ethical issues that face those involved in providing care and undertaking research, whose decisions directly impact on people affected by MND.

Below you will find links to statements that set out our current position on some of these issues.