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Incurable Optimism (2010)

Patrick the Optimist billboard poster

We know how devastating receiving a diagnosis of MND is. Not just for the individual but for family and friends too.

Rather than solely focusing on the cruel nature of MND, our 2010 Awareness campaign highlighted the amazing and positive spirit of the MND Association community and how this spirit keeps us fighting the disease.

Artist and father of three Patrick Joyce set himself a challenge to paint the portraits of 100 incurable optimists before he loses the ability to paint forever.

Patrick Joyce face

Meet Patrick

Patrick was the driving force behind the campaign. Read about Patrick and why he wants to raise awareness of MND.


Patrick’s Portraits

Patrick wanted to show the people behind the horrible statistics. He set himself a challenge to paint the portraits of 100 incurable optimists while he still could.

Patrick hopes that through this people will be inspired to do something optimistic to help beat MND.

Billboard posters

Patrick The Optimist Awareness Billboard Poster

On 21 June, billboard posters to raise awareness of MND went up throughout the country to coincide with Awareness week.

Awareness Week 2010

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