Last Summer (2015)

Last summer (2014) was an important one for the MND community. The Ice Bucket Challenge of August 2014 raised new awareness of motor neurone disease and over £7million in donations.

It felt like the whole world had come together. Quite simply, over night a social media phenomenon went viral. Suddenly people all over the world – including many celebrities – were tipping buckets of iced water over their heads and doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. It was phenomenal.

For Awareness Month 2015 we wanted to acknowledge that incredible event while also reminding people that MND still continues to ravage lives at devastating speed. It’s a sad fact that for many people with MND last summer was exactly that – their last.

The Last Summer campaign – which included posters across the national rail network and underground, plus a cinema ad – drew attention to this loss.

It also focused on those living with MND, including Ailsa and Michael – both in their early 30s, both coming to terms with life after an MND diagnosis.

Group doing the ice bucket challenge Thanks to You
The unexpected Ice Bucket Challenge windfall of both awareness and funds made a huge difference.
Ailsa Ailsa’s Story
“Last Summer the Ice Bucket Challenge made it feel like the world was with me.”
Michael Michael’s Story
“Last Summer I was the only person I knew who didn’t do the Ice Bucket Challenge. Five months later I was diagnosed with motor neurone disease.”
 Last Summer - cinema advert Cinema Advert
Watch our advert which was shown in cinemas across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
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