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We are continuing with our series of one-day face-to-face workshops which focus on a critical area of MND care – respiratory management. If you are a non-specialist looking to learn more about this important subject to assist your practice these sessions are for you.

2022 saw two sessions on Respiratory failure in MND - how to recognise it and how it is assessed. 2023 will see two further sessions delivered on types of ventilation, interface selection and withdrawal of ventilation and secretion management.

The workshops are delivered by subject experts and have been endorsed by ACPRC, and SiLVaH and also have CPD accreditation.

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Workshop: Respiratory failure in MND - options, solutions and issues

Time: 10:00-15:30
Cost: £50.00 View Events Cancellation Policy
Dates: 7 March 2023 (Newcastle United Football Club, Newcastle) or 14 March 2023 (National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), London)

Aim:To introduce non respiratory specialist members of the MDT to respiratory failure and the different types of respiratory interventions.

By the end of the one-day session, participants will:

  • have been introduced to evidence which supports the use of NIV with MND patients
  • understand the different modes and settings used in non-invasive ventilation
  • be able to describe the challenges of using NIV, in particular those with bulbar impairment, and when NIV is not an appropriate treatment
  • have had a brief introduction to tracheostomy and why it may or may not be used in this patient group
  • have considered the implications and process of withdrawal of assisted ventilation
  • have had an opportunity to explore case studies and through knowledge application and discussion
  • identify the presenting problem and the appropriate action to take.

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