MND Just in Case Kit – information for professionals

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About the MND Just in Case Kit

The MND Just in Case kit is designed to hold medication that may be needed if a person with MND experiences a sudden change in their symptoms, such as breathlessness, coughing or choking.

Most people will never need to use the kit, but it is there to provide reassurance that help is there if needed.

There are two sections inside the kit:

  • one for medications that can be used by a doctor or nurse
  • one for medications that can be used by a carer (which the carer must be shown how to use).

The principle is the same as other Just in Case kits that are widely used in palliative care settings, and similar medication may be provided for all palliative care patients. This kit is not designed to replace existing systems but, where needed, to refine medication choice for people with MND and to indicate medication for carer use.

Aside from space to store medications, the kit includes:

  • a space for emergency contact details on the top of the box
  • a medication chart which can be used to record the contents
  • information leaflets for GPs, carers and for professionals who may need to use the kit
  • stickers that can be placed on medications advising when they should be replaced and who is responsible for this
  • stickers that can be placed around the home to alert to the presence of the kit.

The kit must be ordered from MND Connect for a named patient by their GP, who should then prescribe medications to be kept in the kit, and review the contents as required.

The box comes with printed leaflets and stickers. These can be viewed below:

Information for the prescribing GP

This information is for health professionals attending to the person with MND.

This information is for the carer of the person with MND, and includes details of medications they may give, and other useful advice in an emergency.

This usually sits inside the lid of the box, and can be used to indicate which medications have been included and their dosage.

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262