Current research projects using the UK MND Collections


Newest projects to be approved:

'Gene hunting in Middle-eastern adult onset ALS cases containing a high degree of consanguinity'

  • Applicant: Dr Bradley Smith – King’s College London
  • What collection: Cell lines

'Analysis of the cellular functions of C9orf72 in ALS/MND'

  • Applicant: Dr Kurt de Vos – University of Sheffield
  • What Collection: Cell lines

Selection of current projects:

'Next Generation Sequencing of the UK MND DNA Bank - Project MinE UK'

  • Applicant: Prof Ammar Al-Chalabi – King’s College London
  • What collection: DNA bank

'Identifying interactions between genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors that cause MND (STRENGTH consortium)'

  • Applicant: Prof Ammar Al-Chalabi – King’s College London
  • What collection: Epidemiology data

'Characterization of mutations underlying amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)'

  • Applicant: Dr Daniel Elbaum – QurAlis Corporation
  • What collection: Cell lines

'Identification and characterisation of germline genetic variation that could contribute to a predisposition to developing ALS'

  • Applicants: Prof. John Quinn and Dr. Abigail Savage
  • What Collection: DNA Bank

Latest news from research using Collections:



Total number of samples used in 2018


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