MND Research List

If you are interested in helping researchers by taking part in future MND research, join our MND Research List today.

We know that there is frustration at the lack of research that people with MND can take part in and we are looking to change this. We are creating a list of people with MND who are interested in taking part in research. Inclusion in this list is optional and does not guarantee that you will be included in future research projects.

Please note: Very few researchers will be looking for people to take part in clinical trials of potential new treatments. If you join the MND Research List, you are most likely to be invited to participate in studies that aim to improve understanding of the disease or generate evidence to help raise standards of care.

Who can join the MND Research list?
Would I need to provide you with my personal details?
How can join the MND Research list?

Research newsletter

Our ‘What’s happening in MND research?‘ newsletter is a quarterly communication with people living with MND who are interested in getting involved in MND research. The newsletter is published at quarterly intervals and is sent to people on our MND Research list.

Read recent issues online

Please note: If you are already on our MND Research list, but do not wish to receive the newsletter, please contact the Research Development team on 01604 611 880 or

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